Dear customers

Dear customers,In order to improve the network quality, we plan to expand the network capacity and adjust the network architecture of China's mainland Telecom and international direction. The operation time and influence are as follows:Operation time: 00:30 am, March 25Completion time: March 25, 03:30 amOperational impact: indirect interruption or ... 查看更多 »

23rd Mar 2021
2021-02-28 fault report

Dear customers,     Last Friday, the equipment in the computer room was maintained regularly. During the maintenance, the personnel of the engineering company shut down the refrigeration system, and the personnel did not start the system after leaving the site. During the rotation rest / operation of the refrigeration equipment, some ... 查看更多 »

28th Feb 2021
Panda International Agency Program Open now

Register as a member of Panda Internet, complete the opening conditions, immediately reach an agreement to become our company's server agent, and give the corresponding agent level and discount price according to the opening conditions.

11th Sep 2020
“淨網2020” 專項行動

为认真贯彻落实中央重要批示指示精神,进一步强化多网络违法犯罪打击和网络空间等级整治力度,坚决打掉网络黑灰产业链,整治网络违法犯罪生态,阻止制网络犯罪高发势头,经公安部党委批准,公安部网络安全保卫局已启动“净网2020”专项行动:严打黑客攻�... 查看更多 »

29th Aug 2020
Hong Kong physical server activity promotion




7th Jul 2020
Thank you for choosing pdna cloud!

欢迎来到 pdna cloud!您已经做出了不错的选择,我们希望帮助您尽快起步并运行。 这是一个示例公告。公告是一种使您的客户了解新闻和特别优惠的好方法。您可以通过登录到管理区域并导航到“ ... 查看更多 »

9th Jun 2020